Success and Happiness

Topics: Want, Goal, Need Pages: 3 (1055 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Finding Success and Happiness

I’ve been asked what characteristics, beliefs and goals do I feel are important to become successful and happy in life. These are some ultimate questions that almost all of us have been asked many times whether it’s been through school, work, interviews, of simple talk between friends and family. Successful and happy most often mean you have a good base of wealth and accomplishments, smiling healthy happy family, a relatively non stressful and non demanding career. Who wouldn’t want that, but I think it goes much deeper then the money and magazine life. I believe it’s very important to have characteristics to find that happiness, but in order to have that first step, you need to know where your beliefs lie, and what is truly important. Those abstract things. Maybe love? Maybe curiosity? Characteristics: So many to choose from. I look at someone like Lance Armstrong. A role model of mine, who has been incredibly successful in my eyes. Having an outrageous amount of heart and drive for what he wants is what I believe has got him to where he is now. I then think of someone like my cousin Ross. In my eyes very successful, but far from famous. He has done what he wants to do, started dive shops out of Nicaragua, month long road trips with his girl friend, jobs on crew ships beer, friends and money with his job as a journalist. He’s 27. What do they both have that I admire? It’s that head and heart that knows that knows what it wants, and will go out and get it. Beliefs: A dumb, but true quote from my grandpa, “Now son, always remember the world is your oyster.” This meaning I have been blessed with so many opportunities, that if I want something, I have the opportunity, and for some reason it isn’t there, I have the tools to get me there. Now that may sound slightly ignorant, but I pity the people who do feel so helpless, and in some situations, this may be the case, but the world is our oyster. It’s about having big horizons, and...
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