Topics: Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton Pages: 2 (880 words) Published: February 18, 2014
One fine day, as I was going through the library shelf, I noticed a book named “the Steve Jobs way” saying iLeadership for a new generation. As I started imagining about leadership, I came across a most important thing called positive change. To me, positive change means transition and improvement in one’s own thoughts, ideas, acts and applying those in everyday life to bring the society together for a known cause. When the society gets together, working towards one direction, a certain positive change is definitely going to happen. I saw a speech by Rosebeth Moss Kenter, where she told us about the keys to leadership which when applied and used in daily life can lead to a positive change. These steps will definitely help me with my career and shaping my future. Firstly she talked about “showing up”, which simply means making yourself available. Now I know how the presence of a person makes a difference and it being a integral part of leadership. Though a starting point in the journey, showing up seemed to be a vital thing. As we take the example of Barack Obama, he was a personality who always remained present at all times before electing as president. Secondly, she showed me the importance of “speaking up”, i.e. the power of voice. Expressing ideas and indulging in a meaningful talk is the most important key to leadership. For speaking up, participation is needed and once this is done, we can easily make people think in different way for a cause by bringing up the reality. Speaking up helps us in shaping an agenda and framing the newer positive issues. Thirdly, “looking up” is also the integral thing which means having the multiple and broad vision, instead of a single and narrow one. People with the aim of achieving something for mankind, possesses the sense of rising above and are able to move on to the higher things. They are actively motile rather than stagnant. Fourthly, she made me aware of the importance of “team up”, i.e. the sense of partnership. A...
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