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Success is defined by some with the cliché “He who dies with the most toys wins.” Others would say success is the prestige that comes with the accolades of one’s co-workers throughout a career. The accumulation of wealth and the power that it wields is yet another interpretation. Equally important definitions of success are the alternative, further reaching interpretations, such as overcoming adversity, acquiring a spiritual awareness, and knowing God’s will for one’s life. Conquering adversity certainly characterizes success. Rarely do people take delight in physical pain. Hardly anyone wants the despair of addiction or depression. Although afflicted in these circumstances, when the malady finally comes to an end, almost everyone feels a sense of accomplishment. Indeed, when an individual has overcome a hardship, he or she certainly has, to some degree, realized success. Therefore, the level of success that is achieved is relative to the adversity one has experienced and transcended. Another interpretation of success is spiritual awareness. Spirituality consists of having the nature of spirit, not tangible or material but things affecting the soul. Awareness refers to an alert consciousness. By combining these definitions one could see how obtaining this wonderful gift is no easy task. Even the most skeptical of souls can hardly deny the sense that there is something

greater than the brick and mortal world that the human race embraces so emphatically. Achievement of this spiritual awareness is certainly a mark of success. Finally, anyone who can discover God’s will for his or her life can assuredly say they have achieved success. “What is God’s will for a person’s life?” can be a daunting question that may bring distress and anxiety to almost anyone. Once the answer to this query is revealed, the formerly perplexed individual may go about life with a clear sense of direction and peace of mind....
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