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Some may think that the rich and famous are remarkably successful, but few people may know the true definition of success. Whether you hear it in the news, or see it while browsing the Internet, you can almost always see those “successful” celebrities overdosed on drugs, in rehab, or even mixed up in messy situations. Now, if that's what success is then who would honestly want to be successful? According to Merriam-Webster, success is defined as a favorable or desired outcome, yet the media have brainwashed people into thinking that success means that you have to be rich, drive a fancy car, and have a large house. Still, some people may find this true, but I’m here to tell you that true success is obtained through gaining the respect of your family, friends, and most importantly, yourself.

Although, some may think that having a family is not necessary, but why are those same people going through divorce after divorce? Easy, because seeking out true happiness includes having a loving family that accepts, as well as respects you. There are no amount money or gifts that will bring happiness to you and your family, so that is why it is key just to spend time with them. Because, everyone wants to provide for their families, oftentimes it is best just to give them your undivided attention, rather than showering them with useless gifts that will wither away with time. Consequently, just saying you will spend time with them is simply not enough. So to make sure you have a successful relationship with your family, do not try and plan or even make feign promises that you may regret, rather just act on your intentions and live for the moment.

Another significant aspect of a successful person is held in the ability to maintain friendships. Perhaps celebrities may seem to have the “friendship” aspect of their life all taken care of, or maybe it just seems like that, because that crowd that always surrounds them is mainly there due to their thirst for money...
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