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Toni Obatusin

Success Essay

The definition of success is being well rounded as in being balanced out and cooping with it. In that case Kobe Bryant would be a perfect example of someone who would be considered successful. He is an amazing athlete, also financially stabled, and a great influence among the youths. All of these three criteria’s are what makes someone successful. Unfortunately, if one is not well rounded then he or she will not be able to perform as better than those that are well rounded.

In Contrast to this topic, Kobe Bryant is well known for his amazing athletic performances. He has the power and the durability to be outstanding than any other NBA player in his league. That is someone that you can sit and contemplate about if the image of being successful is not vivid enough. There was one time when Kobe Bryant injured his wrist in an attempt for a dunk and people thought his career would have been over. He did not allow the critics to bring him down to their level but instead he practiced and brought himself back up. That is best way to describe someone who is highly dedicated to his job by bringing themselves up when put down.

In addition, Kobe Bryant is also viewed as successful not only by his athletic performance but by his wealth. He is by far the wealthiest person in his league at the moment because of his hard work on court, and his business. When searching up on the internet for “the most successful NBA players”, Kobe Bryant would be somewhere ranked in the top tens. The reason why he is so successful, as mentioned before would be because of the way he is well rounded. One must be able to live a versatile lifestyle Kobe but not necessarily the same thing he does. He owns a shoe plus clothing company, and performs very well on the court with a smile on his face.

Furthermore, there is not lot of celebrity that youths can look up to now and days but Kobe is the perfect role model. It is...
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