Succeeding Goals With or Without an Education

Topics: Education, High school, Teacher Pages: 3 (1064 words) Published: April 24, 2014
Jaimie Williams
English 015
Professor Orsi
14 April 2014
Succeeding Goals With or Without an Education.
People say you have to attend college too actually succeed in life. Most of the celebrities we see on TV probably did not attend college or maybe not even finish high school. Probably most of them weren’t straight A students if they did attended high school or college. The point is, you don’t always need to pursue your goals through education in order to succeed. When I was a senior in high school, I had this friend named Alexus Davis. We were sitting in cosmetology class talking while doing the mannequins hair. We were having this conversation about if you we really need to attend school in order for us not to be poor in the future. We had some disagreements but she proved me wrong once she told me her dad’s story of life. Alexus dad dropped out of high school and he didn’t attend college either. He thought he wasn’t going to be able to provide his family in the future the right way, but now Alexus father has his own construction business. She said that her father build their house that there are living in now and he did all this without an education. I told her success comes from great talents, but not everyone has that amazing talent to not succeed in life. When I compared her father to my mother, it made sense to me. My mother always told me “no one can become nothing if they don’t have an education”, but what about the celebrities they show on T.V or Alexus father. These people became something by showing their talents and their talents turns into business. For one thing, anyone can become successful not only through education but also if they put their mind though what they want to succeed. While students attend school to succeed their goals, we are required to learn a different language. I understand, America is full with different cultures and languages, but Michael Moore proved a point in his article, why do we need to learn a different...
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