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succeed in job interview

By jchavez951 Apr 28, 2014 686 Words

Succeed In a Job Interview
Interviewing for a job is one of many stressful things a person, has to do who wants a particular job. Many people feel nervous, embarrassed, panicky and for the most part extremely uncomfortable. It is not easy to have a complete stranger ask the interviewee a chain of long questions about one’s personal experience, hopes, dreams, and aspirations. In fact interviews can be very awkward, especially if the interviewee does not know how to answer a question correctly. Luckily most interviews are similar so there is and are ways to prevents oneself from having a terrible interview. The interviewee must want to dress sharp and presentable; example a suit and tie. Such as attitude is probably the most important part of the interviewing process explains. Show positivity, drive and excited to have had an opportunity to get an interview. Make sure to have a good introduction to the interviewer. Have a strong handshake and make sure to make full eye contact when introducing oneself. Enthusiasm, optimism, and motivation to be part of the job plays a key role for the interviewer to make an upfront opinion about the interviewee. A good sense of humor can also help, because laughter is one of the best ice breakers between two strangers. Before being interviewed research the company to know as much detail about the job as possible. Do not only rely on research or Google search or a brief skim of the organization’s website. Try to take the additional step and find additional information like business journals or news articles pertaining to the perspective employment. Maybe, contact the company and find out who is going to be interviewing you. If it is a large company you might be able to find information about this person. Knowing personal information about the company and interviewer will give a person a huge advantage over the others. Also do research on oneself. Be prepared to explain what one has have done to improve weaknesses and what he has have done to build on your strengths and weaknesses. It is important to know what the interviewee wants in his future, so work out long term career goals and explain how that can excel in working with the company. The first stage in the interview process is accepting the actual interview. This is the most exciting part of the process because, as an applicant, a person has just accepted the idea that someone thinks he might be suitable for the job. As stated before, collect as much information as one can before going to the interview. Remember, the first impression is what counts most in an interview. So enter the interview feeling capable but not over confident. A combination of self-assurance and humility equals success. Dress sharp, perhaps a nice buttoned up long-sleeved shirt with a tie and slacks. Present strong and not weak. Next do not let answers be shorter than twenty seconds or longer than two minutes. Then try to prove how one can be an asset to the company and be able to prove it. As said before, the first impression with the interviewer should be professionally speaking. Be sure to listen actively throughout the interview. In other words think before speaking but be quick because it is an interview and can be timed. The second stage in the interview process is assuring that the interviewee gets the job. So do a simple follow up, send the company or person who interviewed a “Thank you letter” and let him know that one is thankful for taking the time to speak with him and let them know that one is still interested. Demonstrate interest by describing how could contribute to the company’s future. Many people are anxious and nervous when wanting to know if they got the job or not so just simply review the interview. What were the strongest parts of the interview? What were the weakest? And what did one learn about this company or career track? Even if you do not get the job, one learn a lot from every interview

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