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Monitor, evaluate, and control integrated marketing communications program (the last green box on p.30-31) After we integrate and implement our marketing communication strategies we need to develop a way to monitor, evaluate and control the promotional program; doing this will tell Georges exactly what types of strategies are working and not working for them. One person from the marketing staff will need to be assigned to keep up with the monitoring duties. For website and online social media purposes they can use Google Analytics which will tell Georges just about everything they would want to know about their online audience. It will help them analyze visitor traffic and paint a complete picture of their needs by telling them where audience comes from, how they find our content and how loyal and engaged they are. Tools that Google Analytics have can help Georges track the routes people take to reach them and the devices they use to get there; helping Georges determine ways we can improve our visitor experience. Georges can set up spreadsheets or something similar to monitor their sales progress after the marketing program is implemented. They will need to track the response of sales before and after the launch of the marketing campaign. It might take some time for the program to take off and start becoming a profitable marketing source. So before they make any decisions to cut away at the marketing plan they will need to give it at least a month to develop and reach the audience.

Another way to help Georges would be to simply just talk to their customers, especially for marketing efforts they have that are difficult to monitor quantitatively. They can send out simple emails to survey the customers and members of the target audience. They will have to design questions that will get us specific information that relates to the success of our marketing campaign: customer knowledge of new features or awareness of new promotions, for example....
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