Suburban Life vs City Life

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Suburban Life VS City Life
People always argue which of them is better, suburban life or city life. Objectively speaking, it’s really hard to make a choice between living in suburbs and in cities. But for my part, I prefer living in suburbs to cities. The differences between living in cities and suburbs can be seen in three aspects. Firstly, as we all know, the most major difference between life in suburbs and in cities is the living environment. Life in suburbs is more peaceful, so it’s really good for people who would like to relax themselves well. Since there are too many cars in cities, the air becomes dirtier and the roads are more crowded. Secondly, the suburban life make people feel at ease and more comfortable than life in cities. People who live in suburbs always face less competition and are under less pressure. The young who live in cities have to grasp every opportunity to save more money because of the high housing price and the expensive facilities. Thirdly, we have to admit that people who live in suburbs have a better relationship with their neighbors than those in big cities. You will never feel lonely if you live in suburban areas because people always sit together and talk with each other freely, while things become quite boring in big cities for people wouldn’t knock your door unless necessary. The fresh air, less pressure and hospitable neighbors would make the suburban area a very enjoyable and interesting place for people to live in. So after realizing the merits and shortcomings of suburban life and city life, I would like to live in suburbs rather than in cities.
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