Substance Use among Welfare Recipients: Trends and Policy Responses

Pages: 6 (1441 words) Published: November 3, 2014
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Lauren McDermott
Davi Baldussi
English 111
10 October 2014
Chemical Testing For Substance Abuse To Receive Federal Aid in the United States: An Annotated Bibliography

Pollack, Harold. “Substance Use among Welfare Recipients: Trends and Policy Responses.”

University of Chicago Press. June 2002. Web.

This source from an online article describes how the 1996 Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act completely reformed public aid. TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) , food stamps, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) were also all changed by this act. It talks about how the reforms increased work expectations from welfare recipients. It gets into how food stamps and TANF aid are baned to those convicted of felony charges for illegal drug possession. And how those under aid are proven to be more alcohol dependent than those who are not. It also gets into chemical drug testing those who are receiving welfare and how in the state of Michigan as of October 1999 there is mandatory testing in three local welfare offices.They must pass a urine test to receive aid. It covers how researching the problems with drug use in receiving aid are hard to categorize and gather data therefore implement laws. The source I gathered this information from seems very reliable. It was printed in the University of Chicago Press

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and has authors from the University of Michigan and Pennsylvania State. This source does form an opinion at the end but only after gathering information from multiple reliable sources that are cited at the bottom of the page. There were no grammatical errors that i noticed while reading. There are links to graphs and data collected to support the information they are providing in the texts.

This will help exceedingly with my research paper. I could not of found a better source that describes everything going on with welfare and the reforms. It describes all the acts and changes to the acts on welfare reform. It then gives information on drug and alcohol use within the reforms and who and why these people are dependent on drugs. It states why it would be so difficult to drug test and how people can go about fighting for drug testing within welfare. then it talks about states that have already implemented a way to test for drug abuse to receive certain forms of aid.

Short Work Sinn, Mike. “Government Spends More on Corporate Welfare Subsidies than Social Welfare Programs” Think by Numbers. June 2006. Web. 14 October 2014. Social welfare and corporate welfare are broken down in this journal entry. It compares the two and how the government spends 50 percent more on corporate welfare than it does for the social aid. It uses graphs and stats from farm corporate welfare and big businesses such as Wal-Mart. It also explains how a majority of the money towards these programs comes from the taxpayers therefore reducing everyones standard of living. And explains how it is also up to the state to regulate and implement new laws that it believes will work for that specific state. This source is reliable due to the fact that it is from a .org government website. It also has multiple references at the bottom that are

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also credible. The intro and outro of the article are very bias but the author sticks to strictly facts. There are no grammatical or spelling errors and charts and graphs are used to back up the data in the text. The facts seem to be very consistent throughout the text. The site that I took this from is also very organized and professional, very user friendly. There are also links included in the text that allow users to expand upon the basic information or gain a better understanding of whats in the text. This source will help a lot with my argumentative paper. The corporate welfare part will help build on social welfare and the information on the taxpayers helps learn how the...

Bibliography: Encyclopedia Britannica, n.d. Web. 27 Oct. 2014.
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