Substance Abuse In My Family

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When Julia moved to Virginia three years ago, we immediately became best friends, and she eventually explained the reason for her move. Her mother was an alcoholic and was progressively becoming worse. She knew her mother was unfit to make healthy parental decisions, so she moved in with her father. It was not very long after Julia’s move that I met her mother. Despite what I knew about her, we instantly connected because she was a lot like my own mother; the only difference was that mine did not have a drinking problem.
Socioeconomic circumstances can change the approach and behavior people have regarding substance abuse. For example, my cultural climate includes a pleasant, urban neighborhood of ideal soccer moms and working mothers in stable careers, who are loving, caring, and patient. The culture I grew up in did not encourage mothers to drink, so being introduced to Julia’s mother was difficult because the situation was infrequent in my cultural climate. My family experiences sheltered me from the reality that other children were
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Marston had a son and daughter with Holloway and two sons with Byrne. Because of their unusual and unaccepted polyamorous relationship, they kept the true nature of Marston’s relationship with Byrne a closely guarded secret from everyone, including their own sons (79-181). It was not until 1963 that Holloway admitted to Byrne’s sons that Marston was their father. These lies highlighted relationship issues such as a lack of respect and, ultimately, neglect for the children. The parallels I could draw to Julia and her mother were shockingly accurate to the themes found in the aforementioned text. Ever since she was young, Julia’s mother has failed to care for her properly and has even become violent at times, which is an extreme form of

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