Substance abuse essay

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Substance Abuse

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Employers have many reasons for requiring pre-employment drug testing. One of the most obvious reasons is that of safety. The pre-employment drug test is a type of drug test which is widely spread among many companies. However in Barbados this procedure is not very common but there is a strong demand for it to be implemented in the work field. There are many different types of drug testing methods. The most common types of pre-employment drug testing that can be carried out in the workplace are urine, hair, saliva (oral fluids) and spray (sweat patch). These different types of drug testing can be effective however there are also many disadvantages to each type of testing.

Pros and Cons of various Pre-employment drug testing methods
Type of Test
Window of Detection
- Highest assurance of reliable results
- Least expensive 
- Most flexibility in testing different drugs, including alcohol and nicotine - Most likely of all drug-testing methods to withstand
- Specimen can be adulterated, substituted, diluted
- Limited window of detection
- Test sometimes viewed as invasive and embarrassing
- Biological hazard for specimen handling and shipping to lab - Typically 1 to 5 days
- Longer window of detection
- Greater stability (does not deteriorate)
- Can measure chronic drug use
- Convenient shipping and...
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