Substance Abuse

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Substance Abuse among Juveniles
Unit 9 Final Project

Substance abuse by juveniles is a major problem in our communities. Substance abuse among juveniles 12 and older is on rise (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2010). For some juveniles, drinking or using drugs is the only way they feel they can cope with problems in their lives. The rise of substance abuse by juveniles is contributing to a number of problems such as increased crime and school dropout rates. The most common used drugs by juveniles are marijuana, prescription drugs, ecstasy, inhalants, cocaine, and heroin (Treatment Solutions, 2009). In order to reverse this trend, we must understand why teens begin to abuse drugs and alcohol, learn ways to prevent them from starting in the first place and consistently use proven treatment methods to help them stop once they start.

Teens begin to abuse drugs and alcohol for many different reasons. A reason like the youth living situation can trigger them to use drugs. Others reasons that juveniles start to use drugs is to fit in, transition in life, or emotional and psychological pain. To juveniles fitting in is important, because of the peer pressure they feel if they do not use drugs they are not cool. When children have a transition in their life such as moving, changing schools, or parents getting a divorce they turn to drugs, because they think the stress of the situations will be better or disappear. They do not realize that the problem will be there after they finish doing the drugs. All they need to do is talk with someone they can trust (parents or teachers). Children do not know how to deal with their problems like adults. Early substance use is at a heighted risk specifically for substance use in adolescence beyond their involvement in other forms of delinquency (Prinz & Kerns, 2003). The best way to change the increase in teenage substance abuse is to prevent teens from drinking and using drugs starting...

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