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Subnet and Router Configuration
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This paper is being submitted on June 8, 2014, Cisco Networking Fundamentals and Routing, Spring Quarter 2014. With This IP address ( in order to give my client 18 available Subnets also with an option of adding 6 more subnets for the next five years and with each subnet having up to 580 hosts per subnet. I have given this much thought and the subnet mask I would use is this will give me 64 available subnets for growth along with 1,022 hosts per subnet I know that’s a little more than 580 hosts but in my mind having doubled that wouldn’t hurt. This will make my first host IP address be and my last host address be leaving my broadcast address and my network address. Indicate the steps and command that you would use to access and configure the router/switch. Configuring the Fast Ethernet Interface

Steps | Command | Purpose |
1 | Router>enable | EXEC Mode, Privileged/pswd |
2 | Router# configure terminal | global configuration mode | 3 | Router# show ip interface brief | brief status of the interfaces that are configured for IP | 4 | Router(config)# interface fastethernet Router(config)# interface gigabitethernet | Specifies the Ethernet interface and enters interface configuration mode.(for interface numbering it will be in router guide that was shipped with your router) | 5 | Router(config-if)# ip address154.78.00 - | Sets a primary IP address for an interface | 6 | Router(config)# end | Returns me to EXEC |

7 | Router# show ip interface brief | Verify that the Ethernet interfaces | Specifying a Default Route or Gateway

Steps | Command | Purpose |
1 | Router> enable | EXEC |
2 | Router# configure terminal | GCM |
3 | Router(config)# ip routing | Enables IP routing |
4 | Router(config)# ip route | Establishes a route | 5 | Router(config)# ip...
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