Submitting School Assignments After Deadlines Should Not Be Discouraged

Topics: Ethics, English-language films, Morality Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: November 3, 2005
Persuasive Essay

English class is a good class except for a few things. One thing that should be changed is the policy on late work. In this essay I will tell you why it is morally wrong to count off late work. Deducting points from late work is not a crime, but it should be.

In all actuality, late work is basically the same thing as work handed in on time, except it is a semester or two late. If you stop and think, what is the big deal about late work anyway, your getting it done, and learning it all the same.

Also, late work is morally wrong as well. How do you tell a student he gets half the points for an assignment when he turned it in a month or two late? When you stop and think, it that really a "fair" thing to do? I think not. Full credit should be given to every assignment whether it is turned in on September 2 or May 24.

When I think about giving a hard working, honest student half credit for a paper he spent two hours of his life on, and will never ever get back again, I feel the need to punch a baby, or club a seal. That's right, it is that frustrating for me to hear about, let alone experience first hand. Now, let's stop and think, do you like to think about a baby being punched, or a seal clubbed because of the injustice to society that is "late" work. I didn't think so.

When you stop and think, is late work all that bad, or even bad at all? I feel that it is not, and counting off for "late" work is unnecessary and inappropriate under any circumstance. Not only is it morally wrong, it deprives students of hours of their lives. Why should one even attempt an assignment if all they can get is half the points?
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