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Cool Events That Happened on March 21st
March 21st is the 80th day of the year, it is the 81st day when there is a leap year. This just happens to be the day that I was born, and I was born on a Friday some interesting things that have happened is that Taco Bell opened this day in 1962. Also a famous gangster “Big Jim” Colismo was murdered by another famous gangster Al Capone. But this is just the start, March 21st is filled with many historical events, famous birthdays, sports and disasters. This day is filled with many different interesting things.

Some interesting sporting events, famous birthdays, sports and disasters to happen on my birthday was that in ,1946 Kenny Washington signed a contract with the St Louis Rams, he ended up being the first black player since 1933 (History Orb). In 1961 Art Modell purchased the Cleveland Browns for $3,925,000. On the actual day of my birthday in 97 an ice dance was won by Oksana Grisbuk and Evgeny Platov they were Russian. Also on the day of WWE Wrestle mania XIII happened at the Rosemont Horizon, in Rosemont Illinois. My birthday shares it with other famous celebrities such as Adrian Peterson, Johann Sebastian Back, and Forrest Mars. Forrest Mars was a famous person today for many candy lovers, he ended up creating the candy many love called M&M’s. Adrian Peterson is one of the NFL’s greatest running backs ever. He broke the single game rushing record in his first season in the NFL for rushing 296 yards. He came 8 yards short of breaking the most rushing yards in a season last year. (Famous Birthdays) The Famous musician Johann Sebastian Bach was born on this day. He was a very famous composer and also musician. (Paul Sadowski) The Zodiac sign for my birthday is Aries. It basically means I am initiating, bold and impatient, my fiery nature makes me irresistible and exciting. Also I am the absolute leader of the pack in team sports or anything else. Some crazy disasters happened on March 21st killing many...
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