Topics: Submit, E-mail, Website Pages: 2 (311 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Site 1:
Review- This site does load properly, but I am unable to click on anything but where it says “zipcode” and “get a quote now!” My information did submit properly, I had zero problems with it. The directions are very easy to understand and I did not have any problems with this website. It is very simple to use.

Site 2:
Review- This website is very easy and complex. I had no problems using this website everything is up to date and easy to use! My information did submit properly.

Site 3:
Review- The website was very well done, all my information submitted correctly and I played a few games on this website and I was a success! All were full functioning and up to date.

Site 4:
Review- This website works well, I filled in the information it was asking for to see if it worked correctly and it does indeed, but to find out who your classmates are you have to have a Facebook account. Which is normal because everybody usually has one of those? But other than that this website is fully functional. And ready to go!

Site 5:
Review- This website does load properly. All my information loads correctly, and It is very easy to understand. I had zero problems with this website.

Site 6:
Review- This website is very full functional I had no problems with it. There were about three pages after submitting all my information. It is easy to use and nobody should have any problems with it. Site 7:

Review- This website is very easy to use all you have to submit is your e-mail address and after that is shows everything you need to do from there. No one should have any problems using this website as long as you know how to work a computer. There is one page
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