Subjective Essay on the Last of the Mohicans

Topics: French and Indian War, Native Americans in the United States, Fort William Henry Pages: 4 (1453 words) Published: June 17, 2013
The Last of the Mohicans is a film about the French and Indian War and a vanishing Indian tribe called the Mohicans. This movie was very informative and I learned many things about the war. Also, the storyline of the film was very interesting, romantic, and even sad at times which made for a great movie that left you wanting to know more. The film begins in the year 1757 during the French and Indian War. The British have been fighting the French for territory in North America for over three years now and the war is getting out of control. Indian tribes fight on both sides and the colonists are caught in the middle. The story opens with last three men of the Mohican tribe, Chingachgook, his son Uncas, and adopted white son Hawkeye. They visit the Cameron’s house where they speak of the war. Colonist Jack Winthrop tells Hawkeye that he is gathering volunteers to fight for the British army in hopes that their homes and families on the frontier will be protected against Huron tribe war party attacks who are loyal to the French. Hawkeye wants nothing to do with it and he even protests. Winthrop believes this is a great idea so he and a group of others leave the next morning for Alban, New York to obtain these terms of agreement from General Webb, who agrees to grant them leave from the front if their homes are attacked. Satisfied, Winthrop and the others agree to lend their services in the militia and join the British forces at Fort William Henry. Meanwhile, the movie brings in Cora Munroe. She is in Albany at an outdoor market where she runs into her old friend Major Duncan Howard. They go to lunch where he pleads with her to marry him. She is very hesitant to the idea of marrying him so he tells her to think about it. Cora’s younger sister Alice arrives excited for the journey that awaits them tomorrow. They are traveling to Fort William Henry to see their father, Colonel Edmund Munroe. They are led by a native guide named Magua. Out of nowhere, Magua starts...
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