Subject And Verb Agreement

Topics: Grammatical number, Indefinite pronoun, Noun Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: December 5, 2014
“Subject and Verb Agreement”
1. The subject and verb must agree in number.
Dennis drives carefully along the highway.
Mary men today drive their own cars.
2. Compound subjects take plural verbs.
Rose and Lina are the bestfriends in school.
3. A compound subject to a single person takes a singular verb. Ny confidant and adviser is my mother.
4. Compound subjects that modified by each and every is singular. Every father and mother carries out the assigned roles.
5. The verb agrees with its subject not the predicate nominate. Books and magazine are only material for his report.
6. When compounds and subjects are joined by of,nor,either or neither or the verb agrees within the subject nearer it. Either Jim or his friends are volunteering to clean the mess. 7. When regarded as a unit, a collective even is singular.

The jury holds it’s verdict in abeyance.
8. When regarded has an individuals, a collective noun is plural. The audience are clapping their hands after the number.
9. When presended by the article “A” the subject number is plural. A number of poor children are effective.
10. When presended by the article “the” the subject is singular. The number of absentees from the English class.
11. The verb agrees with the affirmative not with the negative subjects. The father nor the mother, decides on the walfare of the family. 12. Singular indefinite pronouns like someone,anyone,each,either,neither take singular verb. Someone is by your style to support you at the confratation. 13. The plural indefinite pronouns such as, as, all,both,several,few,many takes plural verb.

14. Many followed by a singular verb takes singular noun.
Many a noun has been written on love.
15. Noun plural inform that singular verbs.
Statistics provides the numerical data in a questions.
16. Scissors, refreshments,clothes,plers are always plural.
Refreshmenets are now served at the canteen.
17. Impersonal pronoun “it” at the beginning of a sentence is followed by a...
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