Stylistic Analysis the Lumber-Room from Arakin

Topics: Short story, Fiction, Lumber Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: September 15, 2011
M. Abdulaeva
Text Analysis
The Lumber Room

The text under analysis is written by the famous British novelist and short story writer Hector Munro. The story is narrated in the 3rd person. The main character is the extract is orphan Nicholas, who lives with his aunt and his cousins. The style of writing is satirical in a humorous way. The scene is laid in house of Nicholas’s aunt. In this day he is in disgrace, because he misbehaves at the breakfast. His cousins and his younger brother are to be taken to Jagborough Cove but Nicholas stays at home as a punishment. When Nicholas and his aunt return home and his aunt forbids him go into gooseberry garden. But he does not admit with her words. Later he pretends to creep (up) to the garden. Though he does not think to there, he wants only to draw away aunt`s attention. In fact, he is going to make his way into the lumber-room. He finds the key and opens the door. There many different beautiful things like as a large square book full of coloured pictures of birds, a piece of tapestry which attracts his attention. This tapestry is pictured the scene of hunt. Soon he hears the voice his aunt who notices his long disappearance. His aunt tried to look for the boy and slipped into the rain-water tank. She asked Nicholas to fetch her ladder but the boy pretended not to understand her, he said that she was the Evil One. The text can be divided into four logical parts: Nicholas`s punishment and a sudden trip to Jagborough sands; an unknown land; an accident with the aunt; evening in full silent. The text is written in the rather expressive tone which creates comic, satiric and ironical. And the author uses a large variety of stylistic devices, such as epithets: “grim chuckle, alleged frog, unknown land, stale delight, mere material pleasure, bare and cheerless, thickly growing vegetation; frivolous ground, considerable obstinacy”. They help the author to emphasize a deep dissension between generations. There are a lot of...
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