Stylistic Analysis

Topics: Husband, Marriage, Wife Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: April 3, 2011

The text is head-lined CAN-CAN.
The author of the text is Arturo Vivante. ARTURO VIVANTE was born in Rome and grew up in Italy, England, and Canada. He earned a medical doctorate from Rome University in 1949, but left his medical practice in the mid-1950s when his short stories began to be published. Now he lives in the United States where he has been a fuul-time writer for over thirty years. He has published two novels “A googly babe” (1951) and “Doctor Giovanni” (1969), as well as several volumes of short stories, such as The french girls of killini (1967) and Run to the waterfull (1979).

This text is about one family where the head of the family i.e the husband was going to betray her wife. When he told a lie to his wife about his intention of having a drive, his wife being jealous in subtle way but very quiete and funny, doing can-can was seeing off her husbund. He was very surprised watching the wife’s behavour, because he had imagined all these in other way: expected her to do something uninteresting and unattractive such as washing or sewing but not doing can-can. That’s why being with the lover he was thinking of his wife.

This text touches upon the problems concerning family problems such as disloyalty. And I think it wants to provide the reader that they should be interesting and look well for their husbands and wives. These can reduce betrayal, dishonesty and unfaithfulness.

The atmosphere of the text is funy but only in outside, in inside it is very grievy. Durin the event it’s getting more stressed.
The text is devided into three parts. It begins with the husband’s lie. His intention having a drive. But of course insipite of the driva he was going to meet Sarah in cofe, then going to a house on a lake his wife knew nothing about. This part is also included a very importanat moment thanks to which then the whole text developed. It is the moment when the wife was seeing off her husband, her quiete and cheerful behavour,...
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