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Topics: Immigration to the United States, Human migration, Guest worker program Pages: 4 (1245 words) Published: March 11, 2014

Modes of Development in Writing

Michael Muldoon

Modes of development play a key roll in writing. There are many different modes of development for an author to choose from. Some of which are description and narration, providing the reader with examples, definitions, comparing and contrasting, dividing and classifying , cause and effect, and arguing a point. Writers often use one or more in their writing. This helps the reader to understand the point a author is trying to make. Jay Bookman uses many modes of development in his short story “Guest Workers in the U.S. Heritage” . Another author who uses modes of development is Robert J. Samuelson in his short story “We Don't Need 'Guest Workers' “. Both authors give the reader their point of view on whether or not illegal immigrants should be accepted in the United States. In doing so both use many modes of development to give the reader a better understanding of their views on illegal immigration in the United States.

Modes of development are great to use in my own writing. It helps the writer organize, and explain ideas more clearly. This can help a writer develop a more organized writing making it easier for the reader to read. The modes of development help give life to a writing and keep the reader interested in the selection they are reading. One thing I don't like that Samuelson does in his writing is providing statistics and a lot of number crunching. It makes the reading boring and does not keep me interested in the writing. Other than that there are many useful modes of development in the two writings. In reading Bookmans and Samuelsons short stories we get a very good look at how to incorporate modes of development into our own writing.

Bookman uses many modes of development in his writing. He states the fact that President Bush wanted to temporarily “legalize” millions of illegal...

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