Styles of Love

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Angela Sparks

Styles of love

The six styles of love are Romantic love (eros) which has tremendous passion, physical longing, deep intensity and intimacy, Game-playing (Ludus) which is playful interaction but lacks the deep intimacy or intensity, friendship (Storge) which is a strong companionship and shares values but has little to no intimacy, Logical love (pragma) which means a person will search for people with certain characteristics only, Mania love is a combination of eros and ludus love or called trouble love. This love has jealousy, dependence, great intensity, some intensity and many psychological symptoms related to the relationship, and Agape or the purest form of love, loving to the fullest.

Scenario one:

Cody was going to the clubs, bars, or parties to pick up on woman, but he would only talk to a certain girl and if he was approached by someone that he had no interest with, he would walk away. He ended up talking to a girl that had some of the characteristics he was looking for and they talked all night and went out to eat after the bar closed. Cody and Ashley ended up dating and were happy forever. This is an example of Logical love.

Scenario two:

Anthony is an active member of the church and devotes his time to make sure he does the right thing. He loves his friends and family and even those who are doing wrong in the world. He loves people with everything and would give them what they needed, even if it meant the shirt off his back at the moment, he loves to the fullest and has pure love.

These two scenarios are the same because they both are seeking to love someone. They are different because logical love is finding love based on something you want and agape or pure love is when you love someone no matter what the situation.

The styles that I have in my marriage are friendship, Mania, and we do have true love. Examples of the friendship and mania are that we are close but we are not always affectionate, cuddling, and not...

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