Styles of Fine Arts

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Styles of Fine Arts
Artists of the period

14th -16th cc.
Donatello, Sandro Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Masaccio, Michelangelo idea of ‘humanism’; revival of ancient Greek and Roman culture; the prevailing themes were religious and biblical ones (connected with Christianity); expressive imagery glorifying Man as the crown of the Lord’s creation; keeping to the anatomical proportions of a human body. Mannerism

1520s -1590s
Jacopo Pontomo, Francesco Maccola
a principally Italian movement in art and architecture; sought to represent an ideal of beauty rather than natural images of it, using characteristic distortion and exaggeration of human proportions, perspective, etc. Baroque


late 16th - early 18th cc.
Michelangelo de Karavajo, Rubens, Van Dyck, Rembrant
style in architecture and fine arts, characterized by extensive ornamentation; synthesis of different kinds of art (architecture, sculpture, fin arts); pompous and ecstatic imagery, contrast and dynamics of images; desire for combination of reality and fantasy; the rise of portrait. Classicism


17th c.
Nicola Poussin, Charles Lebrent
a style based on the study of Greek and Roman models and Renaissance epoch, characterized by emotional restraint and regularity of form; mythological and historical subjects. Rococo

the early 18th c.
François Buchet, Fragonar,
a style of architecture and decoration, characterized by elaborate but graceful, light, ornamentation, often containing asymmetrical motifs. Neoclassicism
[/ni:əu |klæsi/sizm]

late 18th – early 19th c.
Hogarth, Reynolds, Gainsborough, Graf,
based on the imitation of surviving classical models and types (mainly Greek, Roman, Renaissance and Classicism models); Romanticism

late 18th and early 19th
Fillip Runge, Kaspar Friedrich, Blake, Turner, Constable
the main importance...
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