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Monday 24th February 2014
English: Journal Topic

Journal Topic #1 Do you think Hollywood is very sexist? Why or why not? When I think about this question the first thing that comes to my head is what the real definition of sexist. The definition for this would be the discrimination on the basis of sex, especially the oppression of women by men. This type of behavior is portrayed all the time in Hollywood movies. There is hardly a movie these days that does not have in a sex scene or a scene with women being degraded by men through sex. We are always going to be seeing these types of behavior in movies because they are reflecting the status of our society today. Plus these types of movies are what sell so; once it makes money then there definitely will always be movies that are produce with either explicit or not so explicit sex scenes. Even in the kids or teen movies now there are subliminal sex messages, so no matter what it is all over. Journal Topic #2 Do you think security check points at public activities and in public facilities should be permitted. Why or why not? My logic to this question is where ever there is a bunch of people from different races, religions, backgrounds and culture all joining together for an event, there should be security. This world is getting worse as the days go by and you can never be sure who is just waiting to do something crazy, like killing a bunch of people or bombing a building. It also depends on the place as well. For example a church is a public place but they do not necessarily do security checks. Practically anyone can come into the church no matter who they are. Whereas at a sports game or a concert there is a greater possibility that a fight may break out because people are pushing against each other or someone prefers one team versus the other and because of a disagreement something could start. To avoid having the worst case scenarios like stabbing and shooting it is a good idea to have security check points...
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