Studying in Canada Vs Hong Kong

Topics: Hong Kong, University, University of Hong Kong Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: September 22, 2013
For many people, they think that the policy, the education, and all kinds of things are similar with each other. However, they are many minor things that they are very different from each other. I, Lysander, will talk about this in this following report.

From many people’s eyes, they think that Hong Kong is a bad place to study for degree in college in Hong Kong, as many people thinks that Hong Kong is a place which sucks at everything, but clearly it doesn’t. In the table from the survey of some professors, studying medicine in the HKU(Hong Kong universities) is the ranked 12 in the whole world’s universities; and also the subject Modern Language, is ranked 8 in the whole world’s universities, therefore, some subjects are even better than other universities in famous universities in Canada, Britain or even US.

Moreover, 1 of the major problems that people hate about Hong Kong is that Hong Kong is a pretty small place, and people living from different countries will found Hong Kong quite small comparing to their own homelands. As some people don’t like many people in the streets crowding around.

From this above reason, many people will rather choose other countries such as US, Britain or Canada. However, I personally think that Hong Kong has its own advantage and uniqueness for us to pay attention on it.

Hong Kong is a very “busy” city. For what busy means is that everyone in Hong Kong seems are very in rush. It will automatically make you feel the same when everyone besides you is like in a rush. However, Hong Kong people are very nice, most of them know at least 2 international language and can communicate with you easily when you need help. They produce good services, and also you can find everything you want in Hong Kong, as Hong Kong is an international trade mark and global market.

Very oppositely, in Canada, it is adopting the British Style of living. It means that people are very “lazy”(if you know what I mean),...
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