Studying at Western Uni or Vietnamese Uni?

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Studying at a Vietnamese university or a Western university is an issue which frequently generates a great deal of heated debate, with supporters remaining that it is vital to study at a Vietnamese university, while opponents is claim that it is better when study at a Western university. The arguments surrounding such issue will be discussed in this essay.

There are several arguments for against studying abroad, especially at a Western university. First of all, it is obvious that studying at a Western university will cost much more than at a Vietnamese university. In many cases, parents and also students may be shocked when find out that, salary of overseas student, who went abroad and came back with a degree from a Western university, is far less than they had expected. The fact is that, many families expected too much about Western university’s degree and could not accept that low salary after paying more than $100.000, for example. In addition, every employers look for experiences which is much more important than degrees. A newbie just has theory, he might has ability but surely he lacks of experiences.

However, there are strong arguments against that they have countless reasons why everyone should studying at a Western university. To start with, it is often pointed out that studying at a Western university in a Western country makes you gain a new perspective on your own country. Living in one country with only one culture last forever makes you limited your view of our world. Outside your country, Vietnam, Western will show you many other aspects and how to fit into all of humanity. By being revealed to various traditional, you will feel more respect and understand the meaning of keeping your own country’s culture alive. Furthermore, it is widely believed that studying at Western helps you explore your heritage. Your family spent too much money for your Western university’s degree and your mission after come back is keeping in touch with family’s...
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