Studying Abroad and Learning Finance

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studying abroad

the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad and learning finance in different countries

Research Paper

The studying abroad is becoming a hot topic, which concerns by more and more

parents. In this modern and competitive society, many wealthy families and even working

families all will strive to work in order to save the cost of the tuition of their children’ overseas

studying. When their children grow up and start to enter universities or even they are in primary

schools, they will be sent to accept more professional knowledge in foreign and developed

countries than the domestic. Because this situation happened, these parents, especially in

developing countries, believe that foreign educational philosophy and methods are more

advanced than their countries, a number of students choose study abroad has been growing

in recent years. However, under this situation, we should think about whether studying abroad

is suitable for these students. Moreover, as we know that it is true that a large proportion of

students will choose to study finance in foreign countries’ universities. So what advantages and

disadvantages does studying finance in foreign countries have. Some people agree that children

should conform to this trend and go to overseas to study as long as their families have enough

economic ability.Finance could tell students how to manage and earn money, which might lead

students to have a satisfied job and beautiful future. In contrary, I have a view that sending

children to study abroad and choosing finance as major blindly is not a sensible decision.

Depending on some reports, the number of children who go outside to study that will result in

brain drain, in particular for some developing countries, like India and China. Studying finance

blindly only causes that students lose the interesting and influences students’ schoolwork in

universities. So this essay will discuss the benefits and weakness about studying abroad and

studying finance in different countries.

First, there is no denying that overseas study and learning finance in foreign countries

could bring a lot of demerits for us, but it is an effective and good way to train children’ the

ability of independent living and studying that let children stay away from their parents and

study in other countries. Although, at the beginning, many children will feel lonely and afraid

when they come to an unknown place, meet people of different races and speak another language

for the first time, it is these experiences that could teach these international students how to

develop themselves and careers in the future without the assistant from their parents. These hard

and unforgettable experience will become a valuable wealth. Besides overseas learning can

expand the children’s horizons. Basically, living a long time in foreign countries could result in

children speaking the second language fluently and learn about another country’s culture and

custom deeply. Learning finance overseas that could allow students to better understand and

use the knowledge of this subject. For example, in China, it is generally acknowledged that

students can only learn some theoretical knowledge from textbooks. The more worrying thing is

that university’s living is relaxing and wonderful for Chinese students. After they try to learn in

high schools, pass the cruel entrance examination and enter the ranking top universities. The

thing they do not know is that university education is more useful for their future than the

learning from high schools. So this is the different point between Chinese and western education.

It is important that professor will combine of practical and theoretical in foreign finance

learning. For instance, universities will give a chance for students to use virtual money to buy

and sell stocks to help...

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