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Chinese Cinderella Study Questions (Chapter 1-11)
Chapter 1 (pgs. 1-3)

1. When does this story begin?

2. What is Adeline’s great accomplishment in this chapter?

3. What is Aunt Baba like?

4. What does Aunt Baba keep in her safe deposit box? Why?

5. How did Adeline’s mom die?

6. Why is Adeline bad luck?

Memoir: Write about a memory you have when you had a great accomplishment at school.

Chapter 2 (pgs. 4-6)

1. How many siblings does Adeline have? What are they like?

2. Describe Niang.

3. What does Adeline call her grandparents?

4. What country occupies Tianjin?

Memoir: Share a memory you have about a special relationship you have with a relative, similar to Aunt Baba and Adeline.

Chapter 3 (pgs. 7-11)

1. Explain what happened to Nai Nai’s feet.

2. How does second brother treat Adeline?

3. What is Big Brother’s personality like?

4. How about third brother?

5. What is Big Sister like?

6. How do you perceive Niang’s birth children in this story? What is the difference between them and Adeline’s blood siblings?

7. How does Adeline’s father feel about her medal?

8. What does Adeline feel she must do to make her family proud?

Memoir: Share a moment when you feel someone was favored over you. How did it make you feel?

Chapter 4 (pgs 12-21)

1. What is the rickshaw a symbol of?

2. How does Adeline feel about school?

3. Why is the school medal so important to Adeline? What is it symbolic of?

4. What happens at the awards ceremony that makes Adeline sad?

5. How do the people native to Tianjin feel about Japan? Why?

6. What happens to father and Niang in this chapter?

7. What was Adeline’s life like after this?

8. What happens to Nai Nai in this chapter? How do you think this will change Adeline’s life?

Memoir: Share a story that is told often by one of your family members about how your childhood is different than theirs.

Chapter 5 (pgs 22-25)

1. Where does Adeline move in this chapter?

2. How does Adeline feel about Jackie?

3. What does their home life in Shanghai seem like?

Memoir: Tell a story about a family pet or a time when you had to move.

Chapter 6 (pgs 26-31)

1. What happens to Adeline on her first day of 1st grade in Shanghai?

2. How would you feel if you were in a situation like Adeline where everyone had forgotten about you?

3. How did Adeline remember her phone number?

4. How does Adeline’s father respond to her being lost?

Memoir: Share a story about a particularly memorable first day of school.

Chapter 7 (pgs 32-35)

1. How does Little Sister respond to Niang?

2. Why does she act like this?

3. How does Niang react?

4. What does Adeline do in reaction Niang’s behavior?

5. What do you think Niang will do to Adeline?

Memoir: Explain a particular time when you were courageous and stood up for someone or something no matter what the consequences would be for you.

Chapter 8 (pgs 36-41)

1. Why do Adeline’s parents not give her tram fare?

2. What is austerity and how do Adeline and her siblings have to subscribe to it?

3. What makes Adeline sad for her Ye Ye in this chapter?

4. How do her parents respond to their wishes for tram fare?

5. How does Adeline deal with the tram fare issue? How about her siblings?

Memoir: Share a story about the way you have been taught a lesson about the importance of respect or the value of money.

Chapter 9 (pgs 42-55)

1. What did the children receive to signify new year? What was the difference between the stepchildren and Niang’s children?

2. How else are the two sets of children treated differently?

3. What is Miss Chien’s connection to Niang? How do you know?

4. How do Adeline and her siblings choose to take a stand against their...
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