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Study Plan

By Danara11 Apr 17, 2015 573 Words
Research plan

I was born in a country, which in a short time of its independence has undergone great economic changes. Kazakhstan slipped from the grasp of the Soviet Union and continues to develop into a great nation. Over the years of independence, Kazakhstan has made considerable progress in political, economic and social spheres to establish a democratic state with a market economy. The questions about the economic situation of my country have led me to develop a keen interest in Economics. There is no doubt, that the perspective of the Economy of Kazakhstan is closely connected with further integration into international economic relations, using of energy and mineral resources, vast possibilities to export industrial and agricultural products. And therefore we need highly qualified specialists in different spheres for the future of our society and country. My desire for learning Economics has risen from my childhood and continues to add to my current experiences and knowledge in this subject. I enjoy reading about the prevalence of economic theories in all fields of today's world. For instance, the Game theory and Nash Equilibrium have aroused interests in me and have contributed to increasing my decision-making abilities. The world economic relations of Kazakhstan play a great role in its development as a sovereign state, because the contemporary world is diverse, complicated, dynamic and interdependence. International relationship can help to be in sustainable international position and create positive global image of country. Studying Economics in university has always been a goal of mine; knowledge of the field is essential to a member of today’s global society. I have decided to study Technology Economy and Management, because it focuses on the interaction between technology and society in an economic and social context. I think that organization and management of business processes such as innovation, technology and product development, production are key issues in the sphere of economics. I hope to further improve my talents and utilize them in a successful international business environment. In my opinion, the profession of economist has become one the most demanded and prestigious on the labour market. The task of economist is to collect and analyze data on production activities, then assesses how she is successful and prepares the proposals of the management on the improvement of the technology of production and labour. It is very important for me as a specialist in the sphere of economics to speak at least one foreign language. Nowadays the knowledge of foreign languages is necessary for making diplomatic relations with different countries. It is good if economist know English and Chinese, because they are the most popular languages of international business communication. I speak Russian, English and Kazakh fluently and possess basic knowledge of Chinese. I learn Chinese language at university and attend courses at the Confucius Institute. However, I want to raise the level of knowledge of the Chinese during the study in China I believe at the university level I will be able to strengthen my understanding towards Economics and management and in today's world with all the instability; the need for Economic knowledge is reinforced. I want to study and work in that environment to persevere in the ever-changing world of Economics. I believe that my passion for Economics and Management is going to be amplified whilst being around students who share the same passion, who can encourage me to be competitive and someday, put forward theories of my own.

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