Study Plan

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Study Plan

Study Plan mainly includes:

1. Study background: the current research condition and level of the study subject at home and abroad

2. The purpose of studying abroad, the anticipated objective, the plan, the method of implementation and the time needed

3. The feasibility of attaining the anticipated objective (combining it with the professional technology and knowledge that you have mastered )

4. The foreign country and the academic institution that you have chosen, and the reasons (please simply narrate the advantages and level of the academic institution abroad, and if there are cooperation foundations and contacts between your present institution and the institution abroad. If there is an offer, please add a copy )

5. The study (working) plan in China after finishing the study abroad

Study plan samples

Sample 1

Personal status: I am *****, female, born on 24th of Dec., 19**.  I’ve been dreaming to a big figure in the circle of business.  So when I graduated from senior high school, I chose to pursue professional knowledge about business.  In September 2002, I was enrolled to study in ****** School in Beijing, with major of Business Administration (in English).  And then in March 2005, I successfully progressed into ****** in Beijing, the associated university****.  I have mainly studied the following subjects: English, Mathematics, Computer, Business Law, and Principle of Accounting, Finance and so on.

The Reason for My Choice of Studying in the Canada: I have a small but warm family.  My parents are very successful in their careers. My father is **** and my mother is ****.  I am proud of them.  I regard them as my role model.   I make my resolution to study hard for standing out in the future.

After three years of study, I realize that it is more challenging than I had imagined which makes me more attracted to it.  But I found myself lack of advanced knowledge business.  So to study abroad emerges in my minds.  Luckily, my parents are very supportive and are willing to financially sponsor my study in the Canada.  Through comparison, I finally choose to study in the Canada because of her famous education, beautiful scene and safe living place.

The Reason for Choosing *****(你要去的学校的介绍):

The Proposed Courses:  I have been accepted to study ****** Program in ****** as follows: Course: ***** Degree program
Total credits per year: 30 credits
Start Date: ****
Completion Date: ****

After obtaining bachelor degree from Canada, I plan to come back to China without hesitation to put all the principles I have got into practice.  China has witnessed a rapid growth in economics, so I’ll have lots of opportunity to develop myself based on my golden diploma and proficient English.   Accumulated rich experience, I really want to have my own enterprise in order to prove my ability, which are also my parents’ willing.  The more important is that I love my parents.   I am the only child. I think I should reward them with my outstanding achievement.  And I’d like to share every step of success with my dear parents.

Respectful officer, if I am luck to get the permission to go to Canada to further my study, which I believe is the first step to approach my goal, I will treasure this opportunity, make every effort to improve myself.  Thank you.

Signature of the Applicant:

Date of Signature:

Sample 2

I was born on June26, 1981 in Hefei, Anhui Province. After fulfilled nine-year obligation education, I successfully enter one of the best senior middle schools in Hefei with the highest math scores and third in total score. After three years colorful and hard study, I became an undergraduate student in Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Institute and graduated form it with outstanding degree. Now I came back to my hometown and worked in Headfree Software Company here.

And I have basically three reasons for...
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