Study on Non Performing Assets of Federal Bank Limited in Chennai Region

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There are various aspects that can affect the profitability of an organization. When it comes to bank Non Performing Assets is one of the major factors which can affect the same. So it is main concern for the bank to take it seriously. Most of the banks have their Asset Recovery Departments that deals with the non-performing assets and also with the settlements that arise.

The project was done in The Federal Bank Ltd., Chennai Regional Office. It is a Private sector bank founded by K.P.Hormis in 1931. It is one of the pioneer private sector banks, which launched Core Banking Solution. Federal Bank provides a variety of Value Added Services like Insurance, Online trading, Demat, Mutual funds, Cash Management Services etc...

The study conducted used descriptive research design and mathematical tool like percentage method to analyze the data collected. Pie charts and bar graphs are used to give the graphical representation of data analyzed.

The study is also done on the classification of accounts i.e. category-wise study and then priority wise study. The priority sector was again classified in to its sub categories. The study was mainly on Chennai Regional Bank. Understanding of the recovery procedures of the bank was one main thing. Other priority sector has the highest NPA level in the region. Each sector is being tried to be improved by the bank and this is a good sign. Even the income from the interest of the loans is being managed by the bank for improvement.

The study will help the bank to know how well it is performing in its asset recovery department especially in the doubtful category asset.





Banking has become an integral part of our existence. We cannot even imagine a time when we did not have them. They have made such inroads into our existence at all levels— state wise, national and even international. The rich and the poor, the learned and the illiterate have all their associations with banks, though large groups of them are still beyond their influence or reach. But the democratic set up of our society and its emphasis on social control of institutions like banks, are bound to extend their influence to larger and larger masses. A study of the history of the banks is likewise very comprehensive. Banks have grown progressively from primitive forms to the ultra modern sophisticated programmes and processes controlling our lives. A clear understanding of some of these developments and processes will pay rich dividends in our comprehension of human ingenuity and resourcefulness. It will also reveal the differences in ideological patterns across international frontiers and barriers. Despite wildly varying elements in behaviours among people separated vastly, geographically and culturally, there has been an amazingly intimate understanding and international co-operation in this field. It is a surprising revelation of the solidarity of human endeavours in growth. The antiquity of banking transactions, methods of handling and dealing in money in the form of species and documents, the challenges they raised to protect the interests of individuals, communities, nations, governments and ideologies—these form attractive pageants in this fleeting panorama of the history of banks.

From immemorial times, banks were involved in agriculture, industry, sanitation, rehabilitation, aesthetics and defence programmes of the communities or nations which had raised them as their organs of service.


Indian Banking Industry

The growth in the Indian banking industry has been more qualitative than quantitative and it is expected to remain the same in the coming years. Based on the projections made in the “Indian Vision 2020” prepared by the planning commission and...

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