Study on Customer Satisfaction and Attitude Towards Idea and Vodafone

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We live in an era where telecommunications services hold a central role in every sphere of our lives (Came, 1984). Marketers argue with compact confidences that these emerging technologies have the ability to develop our lives and improve it in many ways (Risto, 2002). Moreover, it has facilitated the instantaneous cost reduction and quality improvement by offering different services by the companies (Douligeris and Pereira, 1984).

The deregulation in the INDIAN telecommunication markets since the beginning of the 1997s has brought about significant changes in the communication industry.

The need for the Communications over the longer distance has become the most important aspect of the human lives. The term telecommunication is applied on the number of things such as internet, mobile phones, VOIP, satellite systems, radio, television, LAN and satellite phones. It is a great medium for the distant educational resources, business promotion, voice communication and entertainment.  It has reduced the need of physical travel as with its power we can communicate with each other through the video conferencing, emails, chats, and internet phone calls. It has made the people from all around the world to come closer to each other. It has great impact on the large number of the businesses.

Today we need to communicate with the people on the other part of the globe. Telecommunication is the electronic transmission of the voice, data, text, images and video signals over a long distance

The mobile telephone market has changed dramatically over the past 5 - 6 years in INDIA. Mobiles have become so popular that many people use their handset as their only phone and rarely use a landline. The telecommunications industry at present is a much more competitive market and customers have a diversity of services, product, and sellers to choose from. Customers of telecommunications services stipulate s high quality from their suppliers. They have the chance to choose and purchase the excellence of communication services that they need, balancing their cost and value. It is, therefore necessary that telecommunication companies offer the best quality of services available. Consequently, this growing industry has only attracted the business community, but also academic researches.

Through this study, we can focus measuring consumer’s attitude and satisfaction towards Idea and Vodafone. Idea and Vodafone are well known mobile operator providing different services to their consumers.

* To understand the meaning of a customer, consumer attitude and customer satisfaction, market, marketing and consumer behaviour. * To evaluate the subscribers attitude towards the attributes of Idea and Vodafone. * To determine the factors that influence customers to choose a particular mobile operator. * To measure the customer satisfaction level towards the attributes of Idea and Vodafone. * To conclude on the customer satisfaction and attitude towards the mobile operators that is Idea and Vodafone.

1.3 Scope of study
In recent year, adoption of mobile phone services has been exceptionally rapid in many parts of the world. It is necessary to identify the consumer attitude and satisfaction towards product or service and what do they want or needed. The study will be focused on the consumer attitude and satisfaction towards cellular services of two mobile operators that is Idea and Vodafone.

The data for the project report was collected from the Primary source and Secondary source. The populations of the research were all the subscribers who have been using Idea and Vodafone. It was difficult to find out a total list of the subscribers. Because of time and resource constraint only 50 respondants were chosen. * Primary data

The Primary data was collected through the questionnaires by interviewing the users of Idea and Vodafone Mobile Operators. *...

Bibliography: BOOKS
* Philip Kotler , Marketing Management
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