Study of Tundish Refractory

Topics: Steel, Steelmaking, Continuous casting Pages: 24 (6013 words) Published: September 1, 2011
Project report on

Submitted by Under the able guidance of Jitendra Salecha Rama Krishna Adepu B.Tech. Pt 3rd Manager, Refractory Technology Group CERAMIC ENGINEERING TATA STEEL Institute of technology Jamshedpur Banaras Hindu University



It is a great pleasure for me that I got an opportunity to work with “TATA STEEL”, the Asia's first and India's largest integrated private sector steel company. Working at this place really thrilled me, as work here was passionate and challenging. In spite of their busy schedule, all the an idea what I performed and learnt concerning the specific project I was given to work upon, but the experience of watching those huge herculean machines moving synchronously in achieving the goal was indescribable

I am extremely grateful to Mr.Atanu Ranjan Pal (Head,RTG) and Rama Krishna Adepu, my Project Guide(Manager,RTG) who unbelievingly sat through hours with me solving the intricacies incorporated during the training period. They provided me with all the technical help whenever I needed it. They have contributed more than just as a guide towards my understanding of the subject.

I would also like to thank Mr. Sankalp Pratap,Mr Rama kotti , Mr. SVM Krishna(Sen. Manager,RTG), Mr. S.K Bose, Mr. D.Fouzdar (Manager,RTG ), Mr.Shravan Kumar(manager, LD #1),Mr.A.K Sinha, Mr. RG Roy,Mr. Sumanto,Mr. Mukherjee,Mr Dhannu for the great assistance they gave to me. They always extended a helping hand and spent their valuable time to explain the problems that ever obstructed my path.

Last but not least,I am extremely grateful to Prof. Devendra Kumar(Head,Ceramic Deptt.,IT-BHU,Varanasi) for helping me to carry out contact angle measurement experiment at Ceramic department.

Working in TATA STEEL has not only been a learning experience on technical aspects but there were many other things, which could only be experienced in organization of such repute. Their work culture, discipline, employee’s devotion towards their job and company are extraordinary.

JITENDRA SALECHA B.Tech, Part 3rd Ceramic Engineering IT-BHU VARANASI


This is to certify that Jitendra Salecha, student of pre-final year of Ceramic Engineering from Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu...
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