Study of Personality

Topics: Psychometrics, Test, Standardized test Pages: 3 (814 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Study of Personality
Marnita Dixon
University of The Rockies

The psychometric method has been used to assess personality traits long enough to be seen as a respected and traditional form of research testing. All scientific theories require a form of measurement to ensure the validity of the results and all information gathered to assist with the research for the theory. This paper will discuss the psychometric method of researching personality traits in individuals.


Study of Personalities/Psychometric Method
During scientific research there must be a valid research method used in order for the theory to be tested accurately and accepted by the scientific world. One research method to study personality traits is a psychometric method. The method is an assessment of questions given to individuals with a range of answers. The answers are not necessarily wrong or right and can be multiple choice, yes/no, on a scale, or consist of numbers and can be referred to as an aptitude test. Many employers use this type of testing to better understand an individuals’ ability or mental capabilities that will allow him/her to perform the task of a job. The definition of psychometric testing is “ any standardized procedure for measuring sensitivity or memory or intelligence or aptitude or personality etc” (Wordnet search). The tests are designed to discover what type of personality an individual possesses but would not likely be open to admit. For instance if the test are designed to reveal a person’s ability to organize and he/she scores high on the test the employer would likely hire the person based on the test scores (Berecz, 2009, p.10).

Clinical psychologist can use this method of testing to determine an individuals coping ability with certain stressors as well as other conditions. The questions are designed by psychometrician’s for therapist to use as a base-line to begin treatment when dealing with emotions on personal attitudes...

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