Study of Organizational Behavior and the Effective Management of People

Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: March 4, 2014
Kseniia Derkach
Organizational Behavior

I believe that the relationship between the study of Organizational Behavior and the effective management of people in organizations is absolutely direct. It is impossible to manage people in organization effectively without knowledge about OB, organizational structure, communicational skills, empoyees’ satisfaction, motivation, change process, etc. It is impossible to solve any problem or conflict in the organization without understanding of the rules of Organizational Behavior. Whenever people interact in organizations, many factors come into play. Modern organizational studies attempt to understand and model these factors. Like all modernist social sciences, organizational studies seek to control, predict, and explain. Management - is the act of "managing" a group of people, as in getting people together to accomplish the businesses' goals and/or objectives; this includes, planning, organizing, leading and directing a team of people, resources, etc So in managing people, you want to be as effective and efficient as possible in order to reach your desired goal/objective. To be efficient and effective in doing so, you have to work with your team. Understanding them and considering how they think, feel and how it affects their actions is a significant part of the effective management. OB is all about that. OB studies individual behavior, team process and organizational culture, which all in the end can contribute to effective management or explain why management has failed. Organizational behaviour is also worth studying because it not only has to do with the attitudes and behaviour of people in organizations, but it also has implications for an organization’s competitiveness and success. Many of the best companies to work for in USA use management practices that have their basis in organizational behaviour. In addition, an increasing number of studies have confirmed the existence of linkages between organizational...
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