Study of Organization Climate Through a Pulse Survey

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To gather an insight on the voice of their internal customers on various practices and trends in company, the Performance Management Team in the company conducted a survey which would help them realign their deliverables according to the expectations and also learn new ideas on improvement in current functioning directly from them.

A pulse survey was conducted to study the organizational climate of the company in order to get an insight on what the employees feel about the different processes and practices from various branches from the Insurance Company.

The adopted methodology for the survey involved understanding of Performance Management practices followed by the company, for which a detailed study of the Performance Management System of the company was carried out along with reading of their manual.

The data was collected by preparing schedules. This survey was administered by conducting discussions with employees from different clusters and branches to get accurate and detailed data from the respondents. The discussions were carried out in groups of six to seven employees from different channels.

Primary sources of data included interactions with employees, and the HR staff. Secondary sources of data were the Standard Operating Procedures and other publications of the organization.

1. Introduction:

Organizational Climate:

Organizational climate is comprised of mixture of norms, values, expectations, policies and procedures that influence work motivation, commitment and ultimately, individual and work unit performance. Positive climate encourages, while negative climates inhibits discretionary effort. Organizational climate has a major influence on human performance through its impact on individual motivation and job satisfaction. Individuals in the organization have certain expectations and fulfillment of these expectations depend upon their perception as to how the organizational climate suits to the satisfaction of their needs. Thus organizational climate provides a type of work environment in which individuals feels satisfied or dissatisfied. Since satisfaction of individual goes a long way in determining his efficiency, organizational climate can be said to be directly related with his performance in the organization.

Monitoring the Pulse of the employees:

Pulse Survey:

A pulse survey is a powerful means to assess the internal operating health or climate of an organization. The periodic collection of employee opinions through a pulse survey is an important management practice to view the current status of the view of employees, and also to monitor the trends in those opinions. A major advantage to the pulse survey is that, because it is routine, the mechanism is set up for the organization to get input from employees on very current or special issues.


• The Human Resource team needed to initiate an activity promoting the essence of employment experience, and providing touch points that continue throughout the tenure of employment, extending the feeling of closeness with the organization’s culture.

• It took up this initiative to build a dialogue between an employer and its employers, build a rationale for a ‘mutual working arrangement’, and establish compelling reasons to commit to the arrangement.

• The company has a distributive environment with the branches spread across various locations around Mumbai, so branding the survey will create awareness and fervor among the employees from all channels.

• With this in mind the survey was given an appropriate name for the employees to associate with the purpose and objective.

1. Objectives:
An organizational climate study enables a successful organization to operate more efficiently through the use of worker input and satisfaction ratings. The following major points were emphasized while conducting the study –

• To understand and provide the organization...

Bibliography: • Survey Research in Organizations - By Kenneth R. Bartlett
• Organizational climate and culture - By Benjamin Schneider
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