Study of Operations of Chartered Accountants

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• Acknowledgement.

• Introduction.

• History and objectives.

• Objectives of study.

• Organisation Structure.

• Financial Performance.

• Personnel:Recruitment.

• Training and Development.

• Services Offered.

• Future plans.

• Marketing.

• SWOT Analysis.

• Conclusion.



The road to success is dotted with my tempting parking place. But ultimately the one , who works hard and is devoted to his work, succeeds. This is what we learn from our professors and mentors.

I am thankful to all the people associated during the fulfillment of summer training. I would like to express my deep gratitude towards Mr. R.K.Sharma , Director,PIMR,INDORE.

I acknowledge with my deep gratitude the valuable guidance by a Mrs. Akanksha Joshi. Her immense interest, tremendous patience in attending to my problems and constant motivation has been of greatest help in bringing out this work to the present shape.

Above all, I am thankful to my parents for their constant moral support, inspiration and guidance.

(Asmita Daga)



The Chartered Accountants are entrusted with substantial responsibility under various legislations such as compulsory audit of all companies, banks, stockbrokers, etc…….. This shows the confidence and trust reposed by the government and society in the profession. The types of functions performed by Chartered Accountant are quite varied; some of the important ones amongst them are as follows:-

• Accountancy : The writing up of accounts and preparation of Financial statements from the simplest receipts and payment. Accounts of a small club to the complex and detail accounts of large public limited companies.

• Auditing : The purpose of auditing is to satisfy the users of Financial statements that the accounts presented to them are drawn up on correct accounting principles and that they represent a true and fair view of state of affairs.

• Taxation : The assessment of taxes is closely linked to Financial accounts. The Chartered Accountant with his experience in accounts is in advantageous position to prepare the returns for tax purposes, represent assesses before the income tax authorities and render general advice on taxes to his clients. The services of a CA may be requisitioned by the tax department for auditing taxation cases with large revenue proposals.

• Cost Accountancy : A Chartered Accountant is equipped to provide information on costing for guidance of management, introduce cost control methods and assist the management in determining appropriate selling prices.

• Special Company work : The services or advice of Chartered Accountant are frequently sought in connection with matters such as the formation, financial structure and liquidation of limited companies.

• Investigation: Chartered Accountant is often called upon to carry out investigation to ascertain the position of business houses for the purpose of issue of new shares, purchase and sale or financing of business, finding out reasons for increase or decrease of profits, reconstruction and amalgamations.

• Executers and Trustees: A Chartered Accountant is also often appointed executors under a will or trust in order to carry on the administration of the estate or settlement.

• Management Accounting: The Chartered Accountant’s services are utilized in a variety of ways like formulation of polices, controls and performance evaluation.

• Companies Secretarial Work: As a secretary, the Chartered Accountant is an important link in the management.



Kedar Agrawal & Co. was established on 17th April 1982. It got its certificate of participation on 20th march 1982. Its member no is 70965. The company was started by Mr. Kedar Agrawal he...
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