study of literature for children

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Study of Literature in Elementary School

Literature is yields of writing and spoken substance. Generally, literature tells anything from creative writing to be literally work like as poetry, drama, fiction and nonfiction which have an aim to work of the creativity of the imaginations (Lombardi, n.d). Too few of children in elementary school who learnig about literature because the schools are more focusing them on the main lesson such as mathematics, science of language, social, biology and others. Importantly, study of literature should be introduced to the children in elementary school, so they can build their knowledge about literature and know how important to learn it.

Every school should know how important to give the lesson about literature to the student because they need something gratify of their lesson in school beside the main lesson which may make them bored to study. Pupils also need a study which is learning about their life and the way of their thinking. Literature allows them to know about the traditons and certain custom in others individual’s living. As Donne (2010) points out, Literature like as a reflection in life. Literature give a new method of thought for everyone. The study of literature makes someone to be creative and have a good point of view for everything. Heron argues that literature can bring so many kinds of emotions and the feeling of “spiritual” well-being in common because it is the shape of arts. As Roe (2010) points out, Good literature allows children to improve sentence pattern, structure of standard story and apply the variety of words. Children also can increase their English in good way context and children are getting know about new vocabulary from the story they have read.

In additon, teachers need to know what kind of literary work that can be learned by pupils. In elementary school, student can read books tale, playing drama and musical, reading poems, painting, etc. The...

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