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Topics: Household income in the United States, Sumter County, Florida, Florida Pages: 6 (848 words) Published: April 18, 2014

Assignment Study of Local Demographics for Cultural Difference Maryann D. Albright
Grand Canyon University: COM 315
March 10th, 2014

Study of Local Demographics for Cultural Differences

The city of Wildwood is a sleepy city in the county of Sumter in Florida. It is a city which is primarily similar to the Wildwood’s initial economy that was put together around the lumber industry. A business man by the name of Barwick constructed and had possession of a timber mill close tor town. In the year of 1882 is when the railroad emanated to Wildwood in, and Wildwood became the hub for the railroad until the 1960’s and that is when Seaboard Coastline inaugurated “laying off” workers (Visit communities in Sumer, 2014). After Seaboard Coastline railroad degenerated in the 1960’s, there were a hardly any farsighted select few which were competent enough to efficaciously redirect the township. This is the point where a shopping center was constructed and it is when the Florida's Turnpike was completed in 1964 (soon followed by I-75), it was the efforts of J.W. Peebles and E.C. Rowell that got the Wildwood-. The U.S. census for 2010 demographic profile for Wildwood, Florida is the hub of transportation for the central western part of the state. Wildwood is where Interstate 75 and the Florida Turnpike intersects (Visit communities in Sumer, 2014) Wildwood’s has a total population of 3,551. The following 2010 U.S. census reports the housing status (in housing units unless noted) at a total of 2,197 of those 1,608 are occupied and of those 1,281 are owner-occupied. The population in owner-occupied (number of individuals) 2,731, those renter-occupied numbered at 327. Population in renter-occupied dwellings (number of individuals) is valued at 820 of those households with individuals fewer than 18 estimated at 343. With the number of vacant properties was 589; there are 55 vacant for rent, 67 vacant and for sale. The population by sex and age;

Male- 1,746
Female - 1,805
Under 18 - 630
18 & over - 2,921
20 - 24 - 140
25 - 34 - 278
35 - 49 - 646
50 - 64 - 777
65 & over - 1,012
Population by Ethnicity;
Hispanic or Latino -82
Non-Hispanic or Latino - 3,469
Population by Race:
White- 3,383
African American - 52
Asian- 28
American Indian and Alaska Native- 10 (QuickFacts:Locate a counti.., 2012) The reported 2010 household income statistics for the City of Wildwood, Florida states that there are those who have less than $15,000 in earnings a year. With a mere 10% of families’ income is between $15,000 and $24,999, 15% of families income is $25,000 to $49,999, then 20% have between $35,000 to $49,999. The median wage of Wildwood is - those making $50,000 to $74,999 are rated the most with a total of approximately 22%, and 5% earn $100,000.00 to $124,999, $124.999 to $149.999 is 5%, 1% earns $150.00 to $199,999.99 and 2% with earnings $200,000.00 (Wildwood, FL Household Incomes, 2012). Of those in the city of Wildwood the population was stretched out with 22.3% of the people are under age 18, 6.5% are between 18 to 24, 18.4% from 25 to 44, 19.0% are 45 to 64, and 33.8% who were 65 years of age or older. “The median age was 48 years. For every 100 females there were 83.2 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 79.2 males” (QuickFacts:Locate a counti.., 2012).

The City of Wildwood’s educational level is based upon C approximately 20% did not complete high school,40% completed high school, 20% had some college, 55 completed an associates program, 105 completed a bachelor degree program, and 55 had completed a Graduate Degree at age 25 or more (Wildwood, Fla Education Le...., 2012).

Employment statistics for all potential employees (population age 16+); civilian males 195, civilian females 18%, 1% of males are in the armed forces, 0 females in service, 2% males and females unemployed, 28% males not among work force, and 32% of the...

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