Study of Apple's Corporate Structure

Pages: 3 (732 words) Published: May 6, 2013
An in-depth study of Apple's corporate structure has uncovered previously secret details about both the 2008 fallout over MobileMe, how CEO Steve Jobs has been preparing for his eventual exit, and a potential clue as to a major project. Following the major service problems after MobileMe launched alongside the iPhone 3G, Jobs reportedly assembled the entire MobileMe team and asked them "what MobileMe is supposed to do," according to Fortune. After an explanation, he simply responded "so why the f*** doesn't it do that?"

He further accused the staff of "tarnishing Apple's reputation" and told them that one of his favorite reviewers, the WSJ's Walt Mossberg, was "no longer writing good things about us."

The structure of the company is currently focused heavily around Jobs, the magazine found. Development invariably hinges around a team preparing to make a presentation to Jobs that either pleases him or leads them to go back and redesign an element. His persona was unflatteringly cast as that of "corporate dictator" who always has final say on major decisions and makes decisions based on personal taste, such as the menu at 1 Infinite Loop's Caffé Macs.

Apple's CEO has nonetheles set up a clear level of responsibilities and expectations that doesn't exist at rivals. Unlike RIM's multiple CEOs and other duplicate executives, Apple insists on having a DRI, or Directly Responsible Individual, who employees know is the go-to source for a given product or task. He meets twice with executives every week, on Monday to review key projects and Wednesdays to reach communications and marketing staff. Teams whose projects reach near-final stages are encouraged to take any steps needed to perfect the product, including the iMovie team hiring the London Symphony Orchestra to record iMovie's pre-made soundtracks and on-location video shoots in Hawaii and San Francisco for fake weddings to be used as demo material.

Jobs has also been taking some steps suggesting he's at...
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