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Topics: Coca-Cola, Advertising, Caffeine Pages: 4 (876 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Coca cola:
Tagline: Open Happiness
Good points-
* The product’s tagline and the ad both call for spreading happiness which results in strong positive branding. * The ad has a catchy jingle. When someone recalls the jingle, he /she will instantly recall the coca cola brand as well. * The ad is short and concise, providing necessary information about the price of the product and the volume of soft drink found in a standard bottle. * The advertisement asks us to spread happiness to others by sharing a coca cola with them. Thus the ad is successful in associating the product with a positive social message. Negative points-

* The product is not attractively packaged. It does not catch the viewer’s eye. The coca cola bottle looks dull and unattractive. * No relevant information about the contents of the product is given. Thus the ad will be unable to satisfy a customer’s query about the product. * The ad seems to be specifically targeted at a young audience. But coca cola is consumed by people of all ages. So the ad should have widespread appeal. * The set, the actors clothes and the image of the product shown in the end are far too simplistic. The makers should have packaged the ad in a fancier manner. This would have increased recall value of the ad.

| |

Mango frooti

Tagline: mango frooti,fresh ‘n’ juicy

Positive points :
* the frooti bottle is packaged very well.its aesthetic design immediately appeals to the viewer and thus the product becomes the main focus of the ad. * The ad conveys to the viewer that drinking frooti will bring out their inner child.this is a novel concept which makes the ad interesting. * The ad highlights the fact that frooti is made up of fresh and juicy mangoes.this builds customer confidence that frooti is a good quality product. * The ad has a catchy jingle which enhances the viewing experience. Negative points :

* at one minute and thirty seconds,the ad is far...
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