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Topics: Government, Political philosophy, Domestic worker Pages: 4 (1466 words) Published: June 18, 2013
1. Study leave may be granted as additional leave to Government Servants for the study of scientific, technical or similar problems, or in order to undertake special courses of instructions.
2. These rules are not intended to meet the cases of Government servants deputed to other countries at the instance of Government, either for the performance of special duties imposed on them or for the investigation of specific problems connected with their technical duties. Such cases will continue to be dealt with on their merit under the provisions of 2[Rule 6.1 of the C. S. R, (Punjab). Vol. I]. 3. The rules shall apply to the Departments of Health, Forestry and Wildlife, Agriculture, Education, Communication and Works. Industries and Mineral Development. Irrigation and Power. Livestock and Dairy. Development. Housing, Physical and Environment Planning Department and Labour Department. 4. The rules may be extended by the authorities empowered to sanction study leave to any Government servant, including Government servant of a Federal Service, not belonging to any of the departments mentioned above, in whose case if the sanctioning authority is of the opinion that leave should be granted in the public interest to pursue a special course of study or investigation of scientific or technical nature.

5. The powers granted by these Rules to the Government may be delegated to any other authority subject to any condition they may think fit to impose. 6. Extra leave on half pay for the purpose of study may be taken either in or outside Pakistan. It may be granted to a Government servant of any of the Departments named above provided that when a Government servant borne permanently on the cadre of one Department is serving temporarily in another Department the grant of leave will be subject to the conditions :—

a) that the sanctioning authority can make local arrangements to carry on his work in his absence ; and
b) that the...
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