Study Habits How I Think Myself as a Writer

Topics: Writing, Learning, Study skills Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: September 4, 2011
“He who devotes sixteen hours a day to study hard may become as wise at sixty as he thought himself at twenty” – Mary Wilson Little. Effective study habits are essentials in achieving excellent marks in school. For a student like me, it plays an important role in our learning process. But to give sixteen hours a day is little hard because earth rotates 24 hours a day only. It is not like that we will sit in a chair and study for the entire day. That is why I posted my daily time schedule on our wall to manage my time everyday and allot moments for studying and doing assignments. I’m trying to be more organized but honestly, my allotted time in studying is sometimes corrupted. Aside from that, I have a small notebook where my daily assignments are written. While in the class, I am writing down new assignments and upcoming tests in that notebook so that I will not be able to forget doing it. When I come home from school, I will not have to search through all of our lecture notes to find assignments because it is listed together in the same place. When I have accomplished the task, I will put a check beside it. I am keeping an eye on big assignments or the hardest homework and those that consume longer time. I prefer to study in a quiet area so that I am concentrated and work it fast. I avoid distractions such as facebook, television, cellphone and music. Some people can work better with music but I can’t. If there is extra time left, I read chapters in advance because it is better if I am not doing it under the deadline pressure. Finally, I review our previous lessons or just think about what I have learned on that day before going to bed.

There are times that I unintentionally broke my study habits but for me, that’s not inevitable. That’s how I think. But most of the time, it is sad to say that I am a pessimist. I think that my head is totally programmed of negative thoughts. Mahatma Gandhi says that: "A man is but the product of his...
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