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Topics: Ship transport, Chief Mate, Deck department Pages: 7 (1802 words) Published: March 25, 2012
Chapter 1
Background of the Study:
After a high school graduation everybody has his own ambition to reach college and finish course. This is why I choose this topic “Reasons of BSMT 1 taking BSMT Course”. Why are they choosing this course?

Every school year, BSMT in John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University is increasing its number when it comes to freshmen enrollees, but why BSMT? Aren’t they aware of danger at sea? But then again there are lots of reasons. It is because you can travel, explore and experience the world for free. You will learn different cultures. Be amazed by the wonderful sceneries. Being seaman also promises high salary. Other took this course because of family influence. It is maybe because of their parents onboard, relatives, family friends, and others.

This research will let the parents, the teacher and the school to know why majority of high school graduates enroll in BSMT Course. With these, the teachers shall have an insight on how to deal with such students.

Statement of the Problem:
The main purpose of this study is to determine the reason of BSMT 1 in taking BSMT Course.
Specifically, this aims to answer the question;
1. What are the reasons of BSMT 1 in taking BSMT Course?
Research objectives:

Significance of the Study:
Parents – the useful and relevant information from the study will help their children to encourage the studies. Students – the study will encourage them to pursue their studies and realize how education is important and they should value their education. Teacher – they should know the reasons of the students why they choose BSMT Course. School Administration – this study will also afford the management to know the reasons of their students why they enrolled BSMT Course.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study:
This study will focus on the reasons of BSMT 1 in taking BSMT Course.
This study is limited to the reason of BSMT 1 in taking BSMT Course. Definition of Terms:
BSMT students – students who enrolled BSMT Course (Model Course 7.03/1999 edition) – As used in the study, it refers to a freshman student of BSMT Course. BSMT Course – it is a maritime education (Webster Dictionary 1988) – As used in the study, it refers to a course where BSMT students are taking or enrolled.

Chapter 2
Review of Related Studies and Literature

What kind of work that Maritime Program offer?
Deck Officers are often responsible for management of the Rating (some of whom may not understand much English), navigation using satellite and radar systems, managing and using communication systems, and supervising the safe loading, storage and unloading of cargo. They can also be in charge on monitoring and supervising the maintenance of the ship’s safety and firefighting systems and equipment, making stability calculations, record keeping, and training.

In essence, Senior Deck Officers handle the administrative, financial, legal and commercial matters relating to the ship, in comparison with the ship’s Master who has overall responsibility for operations. Where they can work?

As there is no central hub for Deck Officer Recruitment, potential candidates must approach ship owners and managers or training organizations directly to find sponsored training opportunities. Deck Officer training incorporates onshore studies in shipboard familiarization, navigation, collision regulations, first aid, firefighting, personal survival and safety, and at-sea training in the form of shadowing experienced officers at sea as Deck Cadets.

After training both onshore and at sea and sufficient sea time, Deck Officers will start their career onboard as a low ranking Officer, which depending on the size of the ship might be Third, Fourth or Fifth Officer. Promotion is possible from Third Officer to Second Officer, to Chief Officer and, ultimately, to Master.

With a clear career path from the start, becoming a Deck Officer puts you on first rung of...
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