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Topics: Learning, Elementary school, Primary education Pages: 17 (4733 words) Published: July 16, 2013
Felisilda, Rose Gay M.
Jandayan, Jonil D.
Parba, Cleofe C.
Cogtong, Candijay, Bohol
March 2012
Students are facing with many issues in their lives, and because of the competing things for your attention, it’s hard to concentrate on studying. Studying can seem very boring when compared to any other exciting activity. You may even prefer doing non-sense things rather than to study your lessons. Too many people treat studying as the thing to do when you get around to it or have some spare time, too many people look at studying as necessary task, not an enjoyment or an opportunity to learn.( Grohol, 2006 ) Studying is important in our lives, especially to the lives of the students. Each student as unique individual has different abilities, approaches, ways of thinking, interests and ways of studying the lessons. These individual differences have significant influences on ones learning style and acquisition. Each student has different methods and ways of studying and these methods are sometimes helpful but some are not as effective as the others. (Oppapers, 2010) One reason we often don’t start studying until last possible minute is that we have misjudged how long it will actually take as to absorb and understand the material we are studying. If you are a student attending classes, you have probably experienced many moments when it is hard to make yourself settle down and study even when an important exam is coming up. Most student put off studying until the very last minute. The night before the exam you’ll stay up all night cramming, getting little or no asleep at all. In the morning you’ll drag yourself out of bed and wake yourself lots of coffee and go into the exam feeling exhausted, stressed out and nervous. You’ll find it hard to focus or think and not surprisingly, you’ll probably do terribly on the test and you’ll be blaming yourself for not starting to study earlier. If this is your typical method of studying you already know it doesn’t work. Everytime you go through this ritual, you tell yourself that you’re going to be smarten up next time you face a big exam. Next time you’ll start to study weeks in advance, you say, but instead you keep on repeating this crazy pattern. Why does this keep on happening? What should you be doing instead if you want to get better marks?( Drew, 2007 ) This study came into realization when the researchers noticed that studying nowadays is taken for granted in elementary years and that pupils view studying as just a requirement for passing an exam. It has been viewed also that one of the major causes of dropping the quality of performance is poor and ineffective study habits due to some reasons and factors we have to find out later in our study. This study will not only help evaluate each student’s performance in studying but also to try to know several factors affecting their study habits and to know what improvements they should make to develop the spirit of good study habits. Theoretical Background

Study habits are relevant to academic performance (Johnsons, 2009). Through little efforts of modifying students’ habits in studying, they can develop an organized pattern of behaviour useful to their goal of becoming a successful student who has good academic performances. Gestalt psychology mentions the Law of Proximity referring to the way in which he tends to form groups according to the way they are spaced with the nearer once being grouped together (Tria,, 1998). As applied to learning, this refers to the closeness in space or time. In application to learning process, immediate and regular study periods and doing school requirements tend to result in a better performance than delayed and erratic study periods do. Diverse study techniques, even for the improvement of...

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March 22, 2012
Cogtong, Candijay, Bohol
March 22, 2012
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