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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) In the spinal cord, white matter is organized into ascending and descending tracts grouping into A) nuclei. B) nerves. C) columns. D) ganglia. E) horns.

2) Enlargements of the spinal cord occur
A) adjacent to the anterior median fissure.
B) in the filum terminale.
C) near the posterior median sulcus.
D) in segments of the spinal cord that control the limbs.
E) in the thoracic region of the spinal cord.

3) The ________ is a strand of fibrous tissue that provides longitudinal support as a component of the coccygeal ligament. A) conus medularis
B) filum terminale
C) cauda equina
D) ventral root
E) dorsal root

4) The entire spinal cord is divided into ________ segments. A) 25 B) 35 C) 5 D) 31 E) 12

5) The spinal cord continues to elongate and enlarge until about age A) 4 years. B) 20 years. C) 2 months. D) 10 years. E) 6 months.

6) The adult spinal cord extends only to which vertebral level? A) coccyx
B) last thoracic
C) third or fourth lumbar
D) sacral
E) first or second lumbar

7) The specialized membranes that protect the spinal cord are termed A) cranial mater.
B) spinal meninges.
C) cranial meninges.
D) epidural membranes.
E) spinal mater.

8) Blood vessels directly supplying the spinal cord are found in the A) subarachnoid space.
B) dura mater.
C) epidural space.
D) pia mater.
E) subdural space.

9) The projections of gray matter toward the outer surface of the spinal cord are called A) fibers. B) wings. C) pyramids. D) horns. E) tracts.

10) Which of the following statements is false concerning the gray matter of the spinal cord? A) The gray matter is divided into regions called horns.
B) The gray matter is located in the interior of the spinal cord around the central canal. C) The gray matter is primarily involved in relaying information to the brain. D) The gray matter functions in processing neural information. E) The gray matter contains motor neurons.

11) Axons crossing from one side of the spinal cord to the other within the gray matter are found in the A) lateral gray horns.
B) posterior gray horns.
C) gray commissures.
D) white commissures.
E) anterior gray horns.

12) The white matter of the spinal cord contains
A) bundles of axons that share common origins, destinations, and functions. B) interneurons.
C) bundles of dendrites that share common origins, destinations, and functions. D) both axons and dendrites.
E) sensory and motor nuclei.

13) The outermost connective tissue covering of spinal nerves is the A) perineurium.
B) epineurium.
C) epimysium.
D) endomysium.
E) endoneurium.

14) The dorsal root ganglia contain
A) axons of sensory neurons.
B) interneurons.
C) cell bodies of sensory neurons.
D) axons of motor neurons.
E) cell bodies of motor neurons.

15) The dorsal root of a spinal nerve contains
A) cell bodies of sensory neurons.
B) cell bodies of motor neurons.
C) axons of sensory neurons.
D) axons of motor neurons.
E) interneurons.

16) The ventral root of a spinal nerve contains
A) cell bodies of sensory neurons.
B) axons of motor neurons.
C) axons of sensory neurons.
D) cell bodies of motor neurons.
E) interneurons.

17) Spinal nerves are ________ nerves.
A) mixed
B) purely sensory
C) purely motor
D) involuntary
E) interneuronal

18) The dorsal and ventral roots of each spinal segment unite to form a A) lumbar enlargement.
B) cervical enlargement.
C) spinal meninge.
D) spinal nerve.
E) spinal ganglion.

19) The preganglionic fibers that connect a spinal nerve with an autonomic ganglion in the thoracic and lumbar region of the spinal cord are the A) gray ramus communicantes.
B) ventral ramus.
C) white ramus communicantes.
D) dermatomes.
E) dorsal ramus.

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