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Topics: Protein, Cell, Cell membrane Pages: 4 (599 words) Published: February 11, 2014
Exam 1 Study Guide
75 points total
~25 multiple choice questions, includes fill-in-the-blank, fill-in-the-table and matching 1 essay question, drawn from the possible essay questions below – 20 points

Approximate chapter breakdown:
5% Lecture 1 – Introduction to Biology
5% Lecture 2 – The Scientific Method
20% Lecture 3 – The Chemistry of Life
25% Lecture 4 – Biological Molecules
25% Lecture 5 – The Cell
20% Lecture 6 – Cell Membranes
Example Question
1. White blood cells are responsible for engulfing and digesting foreign objects such as bacteria and viruses. What organelle do you expect them to have a relatively large amount of? A) Lysosome B) Ribosome C) ER D) Golgi apparatus E) Mitochondria

2. 3. This type of cell junction seals cells together into watertight sheets. A) Microtubules B) Desmosomes C) Tight junctions D) Gap junctions

3. If DNA is composed of 20% thymine, what percentage of guanine will be present? A) 20% B) 30% C) 60% D)10% E) 25%
4. 3. Phosphorus has 15 protons. How many electrons are in its third shell? A) 2 B) 4 C) 6 D) 5 E) 8

5. 4) What is the main structural difference between fats and phospholipids? A) Phospholipids are hydrophobic compared to fats and so make a better cell membrane B) Phospholipids have a hydrophilic head, whereas fats are completely hydrophobic C) Fats have three fatty acid tails whereas phospholipids have only one D) A substitution in the primary structure of the fat can change the function of the phospholipid

Possible Essay Questions
½ to ¾ of a page

1. What is protein folding? How does it contribute to protein’s functionality? Explain: What proteins are made of
The four levels of protein folding
The motifs found at each level (if any)
The intermolecular forces that influence folding at each level The lock and key model of protein interaction

2. How does the information for manufacturing proteins move through the cell? Include the following: Nucleus and...
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