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Topics: Ethics, Morality, Noble Eightfold Path Pages: 6 (1320 words) Published: March 20, 2014
Study Guide for Test One (Spring 2014)

Introductory Lecture

1. What is the definition of religion?
Religion is a fundamental way to solve problems of interpretability 2. What are the three problems of interpretability?
Existence and continuing function of the universe
Persistence of suffering and death
Irrational behavior of human beings

3. What is the definition of ethics?
Functional way to solve problems of cooperation
4. What is a moral problem or moral dilemma?
Two moral principles are in conflict
5. What are the four sources of religious ethics? Be able to say a little bit about each source. Revelation – something that is revealed by a divinity (sodomy) Tradition- interpreting things under natural law

Reason- logical connections between things
Experience- slavery=bad freedom=good
6. What is normative ethics? What is descriptive ethics? What is the difference? Norms of our behavior, path to achieve “right” path, how something should be Describing actual ethical practices without judgment

7. You should be able to identify the three approaches to moral reasoning (virtue, deontology, and consequentialism) and give a brief description of each. as
if an agent develops certain virtues (honesty patience) they will naturally know the right course of action in any situation pre-existing rules and laws that it is our duty to follow regardless of consequences

revelation, human reason
decide based on consequence: good/bad right course of action greatest amount of good for greatest amount of people

The Dalai Lama

1. What are the four noble truths?
Dukkha- suffering
Samudaya- arising (grasping, trying to make impermanent, permanent.) Nirodha- something can cease to exist
Magga- the eightfold path

2. What is the eightfold path?
Right view- life is suffering
Right intent- ultimate desires for nirvana
Right speech- connection between thought and speech
Right conduct- don’t lie cheat steal
Right livelihood-career
Right effort-toward path of achieving enlightment
Right mindfulness-examine mind set day by day
Right concentration- meditation
3. What is the fundamental aspiration of all humans according to the Dalai Lama? To be happy and avoid suffering
4. What is the Dalai Lama’s basic distinction between spirituality and religion? (Note: This is the Dalai Lama’s distinction, not the one I gave you in the introductory lecture). You can be spiritual without being religious, but not religious without spirituality 5. According to the Dalai Lama, what are the three ways to determine if our actions are ethical? Consequences

Kun long-
6. What is Kun Long?
one’s overall state of heart and mind / having a good heart and mind allows for ethical decisions 7. What is Ten Del and what are its three levels?
Claim about the nature of the universe/ dependent origination/ 1. cause and effect
2. Parts/whole yamaha
3. Lack of independent identity
8. What is the nature of the mind? Remember the example of the lake in the storm. The mind is a blank slate 9. What are some of the negative effects of negative emotions? Think negative, do negative

10. What is nying je?
Compassion and concern for others
11. What is sö pa and what are some of its benefits?
Patience fortitude and forbearance/ minimizes suffering
12. What are the two types of suffering?
Unavoidable, avoidable
13. Out of the sources of religious ethics, which two are the most important for the DL? Reason and experience

Pope John Paul II

1. There are three types of law in the Catholic tradition; be able to give a brief description of each. The three types are the Eternal Law, the Divine Law, and the Natural Law? All of god’s wisdom and rationality

Old law, new law/ the grace jesus gives you by his death on the cross Conscience/ reason tainted by sin
2. What are the purposes of morality for the Pope?

3. Be familiar with the sources of Christian ethics and be able to say a little about...
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