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Study Guide Quiz 12

Topics: Genetics, Allele, Gene, Zygosity, Dominance, Gregor Mendel / Pages: 2 (262 words) / Published: Sep 9th, 2014
Study Guide - Quiz 12

Quiz Preparation Tasks:
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Describe Mendel’s approach to plant breeding that resulted in the discovery of his laws.
Ch. 12.6: “A Brilliant Emp…” text + figure

Define the terms “dominant”, “recessive”, “phenotype”, “genotype”, “heterozygous”, and “homozygous”.
Ch. 12.6: “A Brilliant Law: Seg…” text + figures
Genetic Terms

State Mendel’s Principle of Segregation.
Ch. 12.6: “A Brilliant Law: Seg…” text + figures
Monohybrid Cross

Explain the phrase “dihybrid cross” and state Mendel’s Principle of Independent Assortment.
Ch. 12.6: “A Brilliant Law: Indep…” text + figures

Explain the phenomena of codominance, incomplete dominance and epistasis in terms of Mendel’s alleles at one or more loci.
Ch. 12.6: “Brilliant Laws: Var…” text + figures

Apply Mendel’s principles to genetic problems that involve monohybrid and dihybrid crosses.
Ch. 12.6: “A Brilliant Law: Seg…”, “A Brilliant Law: Indep…”, and “Brilliant Laws: Var…” text + figures + questions for Review and Thought (end of chapter)

Define the term “pleiotropy” and give an example of it.
Ch. 12.6: “Brilliant Laws: Var…” text + figures

Compare the behavior of chromosomes and Mendelian alleles during meiosis.
Ch. 12.7: early text + figure

Describe the karyotype of Drosophila melanogaster.
Ch. 12.7: later text + figure

Apply Mendel’s principles to genetics problems that involve genes on sex chromosomes.
Ch. 12.7: later text + figure
X-linked Inheritance

Define the term “linkage” and explain what it means for genes to be closely linked.
Ch. 12.7: late text + figure

Please Note: The reduced number of Tasks this module/week grants you extra time to spend on Tasks #6 and 10 which require sustained thought.

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